The Power Professionals Group is dedicated to the professional development of businessmen and women under the age of 35. The group is a resource for networking, referrals, marketing and the development of business skills. Each meeting provides the opportunity for members to meet and interact with young professionals from a variety of industries throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

The group was designed to enable professionals under the age of 35 to gain resources for their personal professional development in areas including, but not limited to, technical help, mentoring, marketing, networking and communications. It also hopes to add value to the firm not only through individual development, but also by creating new and strengthening existing client relationships.

Mission Statement: To provide a channel by which young professionals can add value to the firm through their personal professional development by means of technical training, mentoring, marketing, experience, networking resources, and communication skills.


  • To gain access to contacts of young professionals.
  • To schedule outside events with other young professionals to develop a source of referrals.
  • To create and implement a structured outline of the group to ensure its effectiveness with the intent of passing it on to future young accountants.
  • To obtain recognition by the firm as an organized, professional group that can add value to the firm.

Check back soon for upcoming events.