Experienced Compliance & Business Auditing in New Jersey

Understanding the requirements various agencies want your business to fulfill is an integral aspect of a company’s longevity. It is imperative for businesses to know all the rules they must follow under all the legal and financial frameworks that apply to them. Without this knowledge, the consequences of non-compliance have dire ramifications for your business. 

An experienced financial specialist knows how to navigate through the ever-shifting regulations that affect your enterprise and your industry. Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory‘s certified public accountants and consultants have the expertise to ensure the integrity of your business accounting—especially if your business is in the midst of an audit. 

If we are just making sure you meet your compliance requirements, we’re only doing half the job. No matter what we’re hired to do, we want to show you how to achieve your business goals and objectives. After all, shareholders have expectations, too. To us, financial health is holistic – playing by the rules is as big a part of the success of a business as reaping a profit. 

Trusted Compliance and Auditing Support When You Need It Most

Cg is trusted by business owners and residents of the tri-state area to help them ensure that they are fulfilling their legal and financial compliance obligations. The Cg team can help you understand all the rules your business needs to follow, and how you can find ways to use these rules to your advantage.

Our Cg team is also in your corner when you are dealing with the IRS and State Audits, providing:

  • Representation and negotiation with government agencies
  • Resolution of audit issues
  • Acute financial assessments
  • Business valuation/forensic accounting
  • Accurate and comprehensive bookkeeping
  • Responses to correspondence inquiries
  • Litigation Support

We also issue financial statements for a variety of purposes, including audits, agreed upon procedures, compilation, and review. Cg partners have all completed the International Financial Reporting Standards Certificate Program issued by the American Institute of CPAs, so you have no better ally during an audit.

Contact us or call 732-676-4100 to learn more about our compliance and auditing services. 

Compliance & Auditing Team