Non-Profit Accounting Services In New Jersey

The non-profit sector is full of different entities with different incentives, as well as nuanced internal and external factors that influence an organization’s success and goodwill. Your non-profit organization needs you to focus on the activities you undertake to serve the greater community. Having our team working on your audits, grants, and financial strategies can be a huge benefit.

Our certified public accountants and consultants are here to look after your financial interests. With four decades of expertise, Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory¬†continues to provide top notch non-profit accounting services in NJ, working with both non-profit and government organizations in the tri-state area. We want your organization to thrive. Your success is our success, and we’re proud of that. Non-profit organizations all over NJ count on us for these non-profit accounting services:

  • ¬†403(b) audits
  • Grant accounting
  • Internal control evaluation
  • Strategic planning, budgeting and reporting
  • Technology recommendations
  • Taxation and compliance issues
  • Software Recommendations

Pay It Forward With Cg NJ CPA Firm

Partnering with non-profit organizations on an ongoing basis has allowed Cg to have a role in strengthening our community for generations to come. It’s consistent with Cg’s commitment to good corporate citizenship. Cg understands the unique needs of the non-profit sector, and we are delighted to help your organization move forward. In the non-profit sector, increasing profitability is about finding efficiencies, properly allocating resources, and streamlining business practices so resources can be used more effectively. A non-profit organization that is financially healthy cannot accomplish their goals without financial growth strategies in play. That is why Cg is dedicated to helping to grow the financial interests of your non-profit organization.

We can make our community a better place together. Contact us today at 732-676-4100 so we can set you up with one of our dedicated Cg specialists.