Business Valuation Services NJ

What is a business valuation?

A business valuation refers to the process of assessing the worth of a company.  Valuations are used in many different circumstances, including to determine the sale vale of your business. Done right, business valuation services reveal the true value of your company or estate to create the strongest case for your current financial power and future earning potential.

You can apply this information to support mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling of businesses, management buyouts, employee stock ownership plans, purchase price allocations, tax administration, litigation services, business succession planning, estate planning, and more. 

To get there, we overturn every stone of value in your organization, from the work that went into building it, to current assets, to the market conditions that bolster its future-facing value.

Business Valuation Services – The Cg Approach

With deep knowledge of accounting, finance, economic markets, and tax law — our professionals give you formal reporting backed by precise and investigative analysis.

Our experienced business valuation team draws on Cg’s well-tested evaluation and reporting method, to help businesses tell the story behind their numbers and make the case for their full financial value. Once the evaluation is complete, we thoroughly prepare all reports and appraisals according to business valuation standards and best practices.

We serve private practitioners, family estates, and businesses of all sizes—all of whom choose Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory for our keen understanding and insight into how businesses operate.

Two Key Types of Valuations

Our team of CPAs delivers valuations in two main categories: business valuations and estate planning valuations.

Business Valuation Services

Cg’s business valuation services team will build a strong and accurate case for your business’s value, backed by our experience in business financials and economic analysis, to help get you the value you deserve whether you’re transferring or dissolving business entities.

In addition, our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) have the professional experience to conduct an in-depth examination of your company’s books, including instances of bankruptcy, shareholder disputes and adjustments, economic damages, and more.

Our Business Valuation Services include:


Our business valuation team has experience in a wide variety of industries, including particular knowledge and expertise in certain sectors.

Cg’s team specializes in business valuation services for:

  • Healthcare, including medical practices, nursing homes, surgery centers, and assisted living
  • Construction, including general contractors, sub-contractors, residential, and utility & transportation
  • Manufacturing & Distribution companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Law firms

Business Valuation Services for Healthcare Companies

At Cg, we have a team of professionals dedicated to accounting services in the healthcare industry. We know that compared to other industries, healthcare businesses have to navigate a unique financial and legal landscape. As such, there’s a level of knowledge and understanding only earned through years of experience with this specific business niche.

We’re dedicated to excellent accounting services in the Healthcare industry, including first-rate business valuations.

Valuation Services for Estate Planning

We work with you and your advisors (including consultants, attorneys, wealth advisors, and more) to perform the highest level of due diligence required for accurate estate planning and estate valuation.

Among other benefits of Cg’s valuation services for estate planning, we’ll ensure that your estate adheres to tax requirements in the region, while helping provide a tax shelter for the inheritor who is likely to face new, often unwanted, income inclusions on their tax returns.

Cg’s estate planning valuation services include:

  • Transactional agreements (buy/sell/merge)
  • Gift and estate tax planning
  • Stock compensation arrangements
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
  • Eminent domain disputes
  • Family law/marital dissolution litigation support
  • Succession planning
  • Lifestyle analysis


Three Distinct Approaches to Valuation

To conduct valuations, our professionals can use three different standards of investigation:

  • The Asset Approach — Here we imagine what it would cost an entrepreneur to create your business from scratch. This includes the fair market value of physical assets, external costs like marketing and insurance, and the labor it took to get your business to where it is today (less the liabilities).
  • The Income Approach — In this approach, our accounting experts will base your company’s value on its current and/or projected future cash flows.
  • The Market Approach — The market approach looks at sales of similar businesses and adjusts for differences in size, industry, quality, operating performance, and other factors.

We may use one approach or a combination of approaches to uncover your business’s most accurate and complete value.

Businesses Valuation Services using Forensic Accounting Methods

Forensic accounting and business valuation are two distinct disciplines, though it’s not uncommon for the two to intersect because forensic accounting can provide a deeper and more granular understanding of your business’s financials.

Many of our clients approach us to conduct valuations — for mergers, transfers of assets, or business sales — and in the course of their work, our accountants discover economic damages or concerning forensic financial issues on the books.

Whether these discrepancies were intentional or incidental, our forensic accountants take the right steps to inspect the data, assess the damages for potential litigation, perform deep analysis to support due diligence investigations, and trace the source of potential fraud in your business numbers. This is where forensic accounting comes into play.

Forensic & Valuation Services in NJ

Forensic valuation services provide a deep investigation into your current and historical financial records, and depending on what is uncovered, they may or may not require supportive litigation services.

Our team works with you to mitigate fallout from embezzlement, theft, hidden assets, property settlements, property transfer schemes, inflated appraisal schemes, unauthorized or fraudulent transfers using power of attorney, and more.

The economic damages from this sort of illegal activity can even lead to bankruptcy, so we encourage companies to rely on business valuation and forensic accounting services as a part of their ongoing financial health check processes.

Often, litigation support is not required. In these cases, forensic valuation can help proactively defend your business and create the most precise possible assessment of its value, in order to chart the surest and most successful path forward.

Navigate Your Financial Landscape and Find Opportunities for Growth — with Cg

At Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory, we know that transparent financials and clear understanding lead to stronger, smarter, better estate and business valuations. Our team of professional accountants and CPAs has years of experience conducting complex valuation analyses for businesses and estates focused on legacy and future growth.

As we dive into the numbers, our focus is on discovering the truth and value behind them, to help demonstrate the fullest power and potential of your estate and/or business. We’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to take important steps toward the future, whether you will continue to be involved or your assets will be changing hands.

If you’re ready to discover the full value in your financials and use it as a strong foundation for the next chapter in your personal or business legacy, contact Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory today.

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