Dependable and Dedicated CPA Consulting In New Jersey

Businesses don’t just come to us for extensive forensic accounting, business valuations, or to provide support during audits. Clients in the tri-state area also come to Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory to take advantage of top-notch CPA consulting in NJ. They know that when they want compliance due diligence, guidance before branching out into a new territory or industry, or a financial professional to present financial strategy to a Board of Directors, Cg will provide honest assessments and sound recommendations.

The certified public accountants and consultants are often asked by businesses of all types to come in to confirm the viability and profitability of their financial action plans or to realign efforts with business objectives. With forty years of industry expertise, we have worked behind the scenes to fortify a company’s financial health and we have been in the spotlight, presenting findings and recommendations in conference rooms and courtrooms alike.

At Cg, exceptional customer care is paramount to us. Clients appreciate our professionalism, keen eye for detail, extensive industry knowledge, and well researched, well-informed forecasting. Cg believes that the key to consistent financial growth is ensuring that strategies and recommendations are tailored specifically to the client or business. That’s why our financial team takes the time to get to fully understand the company, the way it runs, and its objectives. We also make it a point to educate our clients and explain what they need to know to carry their businesses forward.

Seek Out Cg’s CPA Consulting in NJ on a Diverse Range of Financial Matters

  • Accounting and Industry Best Practices
  • Business Viability and Valuation
  • Benefit Plans
  • Cost Segregation
  • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Profit Enhancement and Wealth Management
  • Taxation and Compliance Requirements
  • IT Advisory Services
  • Litigation Support and Procedures

We have financial specialists from a wide range of sectors and industries, and we understand the internal and external factors that influence a company’s profitability. Contact us today!