Estate Tax Accountant

For Estate, Gift, and Trust Filings

Legislative changes. Court cases. Changes in best practices. Each of these external factors continues to impact estate, gift, and trust taxation—some of the most complex areas of tax law—and require the expertise of an estate tax accountant.

The experienced Certified Public Accountants at Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory have consulted on these matters for years and are well-versed in the complex planning and technical needs of our clientele. Our dedication and expertise in the estate planning accounting field are evolving and reflected in the consultative approach we implement when walking our clients through this extensive process. Specifically, we review and analyze essential financial information that has been furnished to us, including but not limited to:

  • Assets

  • Insurance coverage

  • Trust agreements

  • Wills

  • Existing or proposed Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Additional relevant information

Once our review is complete, our team will prepare a written analysis of your current plan with our findings and recommendations. Our recommendations will include procedural techniques and planning strategies that reflect your circumstances. 

Our Estate Planning Accountants in NJ Are Committed to Preserving Your Wealth

Building wealth is a long-term, arduous process. Maintaining that wealth is just as difficult. That is why our team of estate tax accountants is committed to preserving your wealth for generations to come! We’ll work with your financial team to ensure that your financial and estate goals are met. Additionally, we will prepare the following for executors, trustees, and guardians:

  • Estate tax returns

  • Preparation of New Jersey inheritance tax return

  • Development and implementation of business succession plans

  • Preparation of business valuations to be utilized in effectuating lifetime gifts to minimize estate and gift tax

  • Design and implementation of various tax strategies to minimize estate, gift, and income tax

Estate planning is an ongoing process, and the Certified Public Accountants at Cg will routinely work with your financial team on estate, gift, and trust consultation. Furthermore, we will evaluate your situation on an ongoing basis.

Contact us or call 732-676-4100 today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process of estate planning and the steps required to preserve your wealth.

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