Why do your taxes with an accounting firm?

You’ll receive the most financial benefit from working with an experienced tax professional and accounting firm. Doing so saves you time and energy, gives you a personalized perspective, and can get you more money back on your taxes.

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Your best tax planning strategies will evolve as situations change, whether it’s life events, economic developments, or new tax laws. To save the most, you need to be familiar with how to adjust your strategies.

To take advantage of all available breaks, you need to be aware of relevant tax law changes that are going into effect — or that have expired. For example, the SECURE 2.0 Act, signed into law Dec. 29, 2022, includes significant provisions related to the tax treatment of retirement plans, some of which go into effect this year. But one of the last remaining pandemic-relief tax provisions expired at the end of 2022: the 100% deduction for certain business meals.

You also can’t forget about the massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that generally went into effect five years ago but still significantly impacts tax planning. Finally, you need to keep an eye out for any new tax law changes that might still be signed into law this year and affect 2023 planning.

This guide provides an overview of some of the key tax provisions you need to be aware of. It offers a variety of strategies for minimizing your taxes in the current tax environment. Use it to identify the best ones for your particular situation with your tax advisor, who also can keep you apprised of any new tax law developments that might affect you.

Our tax planning guide includes specific information for individuals, families, investors, and businesses, as well as retirement and estate planning, and it contains a chart of current tax rates by income bracket. This guide gives you all the information you need so that you’re fully knowledgeable when you sit down with a Cg professional.

Expert insights from our team can improve your tax experience in several ways:

  • Time is money. The first ‘returns’ you’ll get are peace of mind and a big chunk of time. Doing your own taxes can take hours or days. That’s time that could be spent being productive, creating income, or growing your business.
  • Optimize your return. Time is money, and well… money is money. Our tax consultants are well-versed across a range of industries. They help businesses and individuals every penny they deserve.
  • Learn and grow. Improve your financial self. Cg’s tax specialists can generate insightful reports and give you advice to help you make better tax and financial decisions down the road.

Contact Cg to learn more, or view our free 2023-2024 Tax Planning Guide to start with your professional tax help today. Limited number of print copies are also available upon request – contact Danielle Bagdzinski, Director of Marketing, with your name and address for a mailed copy.