Why do your taxes with an accounting firm?

In the professional world, those who progress upward often share two characteristics: optimization of their time and skills, and constant learning of better financial practices.

For many, automated tax software has been a financial blessing. It has provided access to tax help for countless individuals and families who would otherwise not have it. Yet it still requires significant time and energy, and it doesn’t provide a personalized perspective on your unique tax situation.

Working with our team of professionals holds distinct value, from saving you time to providing individualized guidance that can help you make better tax-related decisions.

  • Time is money. The first ‘return’ you’ll get is peace of mind and a big chunk of time. Taxes are complicated. They can take anywhere from hours to days, even with tax software. In that time, you might lose an opportunity to create income in your business or make progress in your profession. Hold onto your time.
  • Optimize your return. Time is money, and well… money is money. We know taxes inside and out, and our tax consultants have extensive experience in several industries. We’ll make sure you get every penny you deserve. If you do your own taxes, you risk making a mistake that could result in an IRS penalty. We’ll ensure your taxes are air tight and penalty free.
  • Learn and grow. Improve your financial self. When you work with Cg’s tax specialists, you’ll interact with someone who can give advice, generate reports, and teach best practices to help you make better tax and financial decisions.

You can begin that learning now, by downloading our free 2020 Tax Planning Guide.

Download Our Cg 2020 Tax Planning Guide Today!

This guide reflects the rules surrounding the CARES Act, Paycheck Protection Program and SECURE Act. It includes specific information for individuals, investors, businesses, and future planning, as well as what’s new this year in taxes.

This Tax Guide will give you insight into your current tax situation, so you’ll be knowledgeable when you sit down with a Cg professional. Contact Cg to learn more, or to begin your professional tax help today.