Business Valuation Services and Forensic Accounting In NJ

Do you know the value of your company?

The factor sellers most often consider is the economic benefit derived from the use of the company’s tangible and intangible assets, but business valuation involves more than assessing financials and estimating a dollar amount.

Our team of certified public accountants and business valuation consultants take the time to understand the unique internal and external factors considered to determine your company’s value. There are several reasons to value your business—estate planning purposes, partnership expansion or dissolution, to name a few—each of which can impact a company’s overall value.

A seasoned forensic accountant is critical when you are involved with matrimonial litigation proceedings. You need to be able to know and justify company activities inside out, to determine the worth of a business that will withstand scrutiny. Forensic accounting requires a strong financial specialist capable of supporting your position in litigation or potential litigation matters.

Our Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting Experts in NJ Have You and Your Business in Mind

When a Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory forensic accountant looks at your business, you know that every analysis, every calculation, and every report is completed with the highest level of due diligence and consideration necessary to determine value. We treat each business valuation as a distinct engagement, and we conduct comprehensive research to examine all variables relating to your specific business.

With three decades of experience, we have a complete understanding of the specific economic and industry factors that can impact a business. Whether you need your business evaluated for an upcoming merger/acquisition, sale, succession planning, or as a requirement for matrimonial or shareholder dispute, you can count on Cg to provide the most accurate picture of your business.

Contact us or call 732-676-4100 today to schedule an appointment with a member of our team. We’ll be happy to review your financials and discuss how our forensic accounting and business valuation services can assist.