Forensic Accounting Services in NJ

As the word ‘forensic implies, the value of forensic accounting is to produce a financial report so thorough and water-tight that it could hold up in a court of law. At times, it may need to.

Other times, this work is a proactive measure to uncover information, defend your organization or estate, and chart a strong path forward.

In either case, forensic accounting is about laying out the facts and numbers that surround your financial picture — business, nonprofit, or personal — and using them to your advantage in crucial, definitive moments.

It is a laser focus on all angles of forensic reporting, and the comprehensive background of our accounting team, that make Cg a premier provider of forensic accounting in NJ.

Forensic Accounting NJ

For Businesses

According to the 2018 Global Fraud and Identity Report, 33% of businesses experience increasing fraud, year over year. Undetected internal issues like embezzlement and asset misappropriation can leave your business open to further fraudulent financial reporting, triggering IRS involvement and potential revenue loss.

Forensic accounting services can prevent these situations and uncover financial crimes. It can help you figure out where stolen money has gone, and how to get it back. 

In addition, a forensic accounting report can be a crucial asset when defending your company in litigation or shareholder disputes. 

Lastly, it can be a powerful, precise tool for business valuations.

For Nonprofits

Nonprofits are just as susceptible to financial crimes as for-profit companies, and forensic accounting services can provide the same type of security for your organization’s finances.

Nonprofit organizations may also have to present their finances during an audit by the IRS or another agency, to prove they’re meeting all financial reporting and tax requirements. Passing muster in these proceedings can be key to keeping your 501(c) tax-exempt status.

Forensic financial reports can also be invaluable when applying for large grants, especially if your annual budget is above $500k or $1M, as many foundations like to fund organizations with clean and meticulous financial records.

For Estates, Trust, and Personal Finances

When it comes to the finances of a trust or estate, forensic accounting can provide similar support when combating fraud, facing an audit, or going through a civil dispute.

It can help put weight behind your goals in estate planning, complex tax situations, forensic divorce accounting, inheritance disputes, and other scenarios around personal wealth.

Forensic and Valuation Services with Cg

Secure Your Organization Against Loss and Chart a Path to Growth

At Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory in NJ, we’ve carefully built a reputation for reliable and precise forensic accounting and financial assessments.

Our team is fully certified in financial forensics and specializes in investigative auditing and forensic valuations. We have decades of experience discovering potential accounting fraud, evaluating internal controls, safeguarding your business, and helping companies rebuild compromised financial record-keeping systems.

As your partners in financial growth and fraud protection, Cg forensic accountants help you transform numbers into information, information into understanding, and understanding into ongoing protection for your business.

Our CPAs and consultants are your investigative team, dedicated to helping you design a bulletproof fraud prevention program, assisting with litigation support, advising you on the next steps, and recovering your losses both in and out of court.

Forensic Accountant NJ — Services We Provide

  • Forensic divorce accounting
  • Forensic business valuation
  • Fraud investigations & prevention
  • Economic damage calculations
  • Regulatory compliance & investigations
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Forensic auditing & data analysis
  • Forensic auditing
  • Fraud prevention programs
  • Expert testimony for mediation or court
  • Economic damage calculations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Settlement alternatives modeling
  • Case-specific financial models


Know Your Numbers, Secure Your Future

With the CPAs at Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory

With over three decades of experience helping estates and businesses to know their value and protect their integrity—Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory will give you an in-depth, 360° view on your business’s most important details: its financials. Our forensic accountants in NJ are experts in investigating, analyzing, and portraying the mosaic of details about your company’s financial picture.

Set a culture of transparency and proactive decision-making with forensic accounting and valuation services from Cg, to protect your existing operations and plan for a sustainable, profitable future. 

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