Divorce Accounting and Matrimonial Consulting in NJ

Litigation of any kind is stressful, especially for individuals who are involved in divorce proceedings. The outcome of this process is critical to the well-being of your financial health, which is why the team at Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory is frequently engaged for its divorce accounting and matrimonial consulting services in New Jersey. There are several functions our team fulfills in matrimonial cases, including:

  • Alimony Analysis
  • Asset Tracing
  • Cash Flow/Lifestyle Analysis
  • Collaborative Law
  • Economic Mediation
  • Equitable Distribution Plans
  • Tax Analysis and Planning

The Cg team will work with you and your attorney to help you resolve your case. With three decades dedicated to forensic and matrimonial accounting, we are often appointed by the courts as mediators, as well as to provide expert testimony.

Contact us or call us directly at 732-676-4100 and schedule a consultation with one of our specialists. We’ll ensure an equitable settlement is reached.