Businesses Depend On Our NJ CPA Services to Increase Their Profitability

Every business owner strives to increase the profitability of their enterprise. The way in which this objective is achieved, however, varies from industry to industry. The team at Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory —comprised of certified public accountants and consultants—understands this dynamic, which is why we tailor our accounting services to align with the demands of each client’s industry. Learn more about the various industries we serve within the tri-state area:

Our NJ CPA Firm Services

  • Professional Services: We have firsthand experience with the unique challenges of operating a service-based practice. That is why professional service firms throughout the tri-state area rely on our team to identify industry trends and implement solutions that enhance profitability. Learn more about our professional services.
  • Healthcare: Our talented team of healthcare consulting professionals provides a suite of services that increase the bottom line so medical practices throughout the tri-state area can prioritize what matters most—quality patient care. Learn more about our healthcare accounting services.
  • Construction: Rising costs and shrinking profit margins are just a few financial challenges confronting businesses in the construction services industry. Our value-added services address these concerns and return construction companies to profitability. Learn more about our construction accounting services.
  • Manufacturing: Rising labor, production, and transportation costs are just a few challenges confronting business owners in the manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing accounting services help businesses plug profit leaks and remain competitive. Learn more about our manufacturer accounting services.
  • Real Estate and Building Management: Businesses within the real estate and building management industry are confronted with numerous obstacles—cash flow concerns and risk evaluation needs are some of the most common issues on which we advise—that impede profitability. Our team provides a suite of services designed to minimize these obstacles and maximize opportunities. Learn more about our real estate and building management accounting services.
  • Non-Profit: The numerous charities, membership organizations, and religious institutions within the non-profit sector are pillars of the community. That is why we place emphasis on providing comprehensive non-profit accounting services that minimize their risk, protect their tax-exempt status, and preserve their long-term viability. Learn more about our non-profit accounting services.
  • Family-Owned Business: We understand that as a family-owned company, you have a unique set of needs. We have extensive experience helping family-owned businesses manage day-to-day activities, as well as transition to the next phase. Learn more about our family-owed business services.
  • Other Industries: Businesses operating within other unique industries—energy, technology, and hospitality are a few that come to mind—also engage our services to reduce expenses and increase profitability. Learn more about other industries in which we provide accounting services.

Contact us today or call 732-676-4100 to learn how our NJ CPA firm can benefit your bottom line. We offer a comprehensive suite of services–ranging from business accounting and tax to consulting and advisory–designed to increase your profitability.