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IRS Issues 2020-2021 Business Travel Per Diem Rates

The IRS has issued the 2020–2021 business travel per diem rates for substantiating employee business expenses, including lodging, meals and incidental expenses. The Meal and Incidental Expense (M&IE) rates for the transportation industry remain at $66 for travel in the continental U.S. and $71 for travel outside the continental U.S. The per diem for travel to high-cost localities has decreased from $297 to $292 ($71 for M&IE), while the rate for travel to other localities has decreased from $200 to $198 ($60 for M&IE). The updated rates and list of high-cost locations apply to per diem allowances paid to employees after Sept. 30, 2020. Click here for additional information. Contact the Cg Team with questions.  © 2020