Growth Mode: Understanding The Value of a Financial Consultant For Your Business

Periods of rapid growth are exhilarating, inspiring, often stressful times for a business. When deals are closing, revenue is rolling in, and expenses are starting to multiply, finances aren’t nearly as simple as they once seemed. If you handled the budget during your company’s early years, you may want to continue doing so during growth. But as a business expands, so do financial responsibilities, and you simply might not have the time necessary to handle day-to-day financial responsibilities and develop long-term strategies.

Enter Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory.

There is, perhaps, no better time to seek accounting services than when your business is growing – it can improve efficiency, maximize profits, and set you up for continued success. Here are four ways Cg will take your business to the next level.

Setting a course to success

You started your business with a vision. You have big dreams and the ambition to achieve them. Right now, you’re probably thinking several steps ahead, carefully plotting your company’s next moves. But when the rubber meets the road, sometimes it’s easier to take care of the immediate financial tasks on your agenda (bills, taxes, etc.) without laying a foundation for the future.

A financial consulting firm can help you to assess your business goals and lay out a financial blueprint tailored specifically to reach them. At Cg, expert advisors offer meticulous benchmarking, honest business valuation, and strategic planning can direct your attention to factors you might not have considered in previous financial discussions, like market trends and upcoming tax changes. Further, they can assist in developing a detailed succession plan, which you might not have even considered in the excitement of the company’s growth.

If you are the company’s captain, Cg can be its navigator. A ship with a clear destination also needs practical directions to get there, and financial advising will set a course for sustained growth.

Freeing up your schedule

Running a business is no easy task. As a business owner, you have a diverse set of responsibilities, overseeing everything from logistics to marketing to human resources. Toss finances on top of that and your cup is overflowing. During expansion, there’s an increasing number of areas to manage.

A company’s lead decision-makers can only do so much, and your time is valuable, so at a certain point, it’s essential to hand off some responsibilities. Bringing on a Cg consultant not only puts your financial strategy in the hands of an expert, but also frees you up to spend more time managing employees, brainstorming innovations, and doing what you do best: growing the business.

Boosting your income

There’s nothing more important for a rapidly growing business than revenue. An astonishing 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems (according to a U.S. Bank study). Business growth can be slowed or halted by sudden losses, and if your company’s budget isn’t streamlined, it can seriously hinder your progress.

Our team can keep that from happening. They are dedicated and scrupulous, going through your budget line by line to develop strategies that maximize revenue and finding ways to reduce costs. Given dedicated time to study your budget, they can optimize the company’s resource allocation and suggest accounting services that will identify avoidable expenses and profitable opportunities. It’ll save you money in the present and facilitate further growth in the future.

Navigating the tax maze

Now for the fun part. And that’s not a joke. Taxes can actually be fun when you’re seeing big savings and have a knowledgeable guide leading the way. Every swell in your income, new employee, and added expense or investment makes your taxes trickier. Consultants can offer specific services to help you find your way out of a labyrinthine tax situation.

Not all business expenses are operational; taxes can be a huge annual cost, especially if you’re filing them without consultation. Over at Cg, there’s a room full of people that know the ins and outs of business taxation and may find write-offs or exemptions that you didn’t know existed. This means significant savings for your company. Plus, it will give you comfort in knowing that you’re not paying any more than necessary.

So, what’s next?

Maybe your business is in the early stages of growth, or maybe it’s moving at 100 miles per hour. No matter where you’re at in the life of your company, a financial consultant can do wonders for your present and future success.

The tough part is finding the right fit. You need a consultant who will take time getting to know your business – and not just its budget, but its goals and personality too. You want a consultant who’s both creative and strategic, and who can offer a whole array of services.

Cg Tax, Audit & Advisory checks all of these boxes, combining financial and business accounting expertise with the personal touch essential to help small businesses thrive.

Our solutions are based on you and your business; whether you need strategic planning, accounting services, or tax assistance, we can provide the assessments and insight to propel your business forward. Contact us today to find out more.