To enhance security, the IRS will soon end some taxpayer services. Currently, taxpayers who need transcripts (summaries) of their filed tax returns can request them from the IRS. Third parties, such as lenders or tax professionals, may also request that a taxpayer’s transcripts be mailed to them. But identity thieves sometimes intercept these transcripts and use them to file fraudulent tax returns that are hard to detect. That’s why on June 28 the IRS will cease faxing transcripts to taxpayers, and on July 1 it will stop mailing transcripts to third parties. When transcripts are needed, taxpayers may request them online, by phone or by mail. Here are the details. © 2019

“IRS Takes Additional Steps to Protect Taxpayer Data; Plans to End Faxing and Third-party Mailings of Certain Tax Transcripts.” Internal Revenue Service. June 4, 2019. Accessed June 11, 2019.