Attention out-of-state employers with New Jersey employees: You have the same filing requirements as in-state businesses regarding NJ’s health insurance mandate. You must file Form 1095 for each NJ resident you employ. Insurers, government agencies, multiemployer plans, and all others responsible for reporting “minimum essential coverage” to NJ residents also must file the required information with the state. Third-party reporting to verify health coverage info supplied by individual income tax payers is mandatory. Employers and all other providers of the minimum essential coverage must file health-care coverage returns for 2019 by March 31, 2020. Click here to learn more.  Contact the Cg Team with questions via the form to the right or call 732.676.4100. © 2019

“Official Site of The State of New Jersey.” NJ Health Insurance Mandate – Employers and Coverage Providers . July 25, 2019. Accessed August 13, 2019.