Helpful COVID-19 Links

Returning to the Office Amid COVID-19

Many states are now considering how and when to lift the lockdown rules and allow businesses to reopen. It’s safe to say that when businesses begin to re-open their physical locations, we’ll all be operating under a ‘new normal’.

We’re sharing a helpful guide from Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer located in Virginia that outlines important questions to ask, potential procedures, as well as next steps for returning to the workplace.1 Keep in mind that every organization is different and will implement return to work policies in a varied approach when ready to re-open. Please click here to download the guide.

We’ll continue to share information with you in the weeks leading up to re-opening. In the meantime, please contact Cg with questions.

1. “Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer.” COVID-19: Next Steps for the Workplace. Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, April 27, 2020.