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Taxpayers: Be Aware of Potential Charity Fraud After Disasters

Disasters happen. When they do, scammers go on the prowl, often looking for easy prey among two groups: disaster victims seeking help and taxpayers who would like to donate funds to help them. How can the public be sure that the person or agency they’re dealing with is legitimate? One red flag is unsolicited contact. Scammers reach out by phone, email, social media and in person. They may claim to work for the IRS, offering to file loss claims for victims. If you’re a victim, call the IRS disaster help line at 866-562-5227. Would-be donors can use this link for more information and to check the legitimacy of a charity before contributing: https://bit.ly/3JTcgy5 . Contact us with questions about how to identify a legitimate place to donate. © 2022