As the fight to contain COVID-19 and end the pandemic continues, the team at Hackensack Meridian Southern Ocean Medical Center (SOMC) is going above and beyond to keep our community safe and to care for sick patients. New Jersey now has the second largest number of COVID-19 cases in the nation and that number is expected to climb over the weeks to come with increased testing. As those numbers grow, the strain on healthcare will only increase.

Now, more than ever, the team at SOMC needs our help. From personal protective equipment, to ventilators, sterilization equipment, support for isolated patients, emergency tents, increased staffing costs, and more, your support in fighting this pandemic is paramount.

Please consider making a donation to Southern Ocean Medical Center’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Your contribution will help provide vital supplies, equipment and resources so that the SOMC team can protect patients, team members and the community. You can either make a direct donation or create your own fundraising page. You can also click here for a list of SOMC’s immediate needs.

On behalf of SOMC, thank you for your support.