Work/Life Related Testimonials

"After interning at CG I knew immediately that this was my home. Here at CG, we are provided with a challenging, progressive work environment, but also encouraged to maintain a great quality of life. CG not only empowers its team members to achieve their professional goals, but their personal goals as well.   With the resources and support system that all team members are provided with, the sky is the limit and success isn't an option, it's a result of the CG experience."
- Christopher Cowan, CPA, CCIFP®, Senior Manager

“While interning at CG, I quickly realized that the firm offered a great opportunity to work in an environment that is challenging. CG provides opportunity for growth as well as a great work/life balance. After starting full time with the firm, my expectations were not only met, but exceeded.”
- Stacy Lewandowski, CPA, PSA, Manager