Estate, gift and trust taxation is an extremely complex area of the tax law. With tax laws constantly changing due to legislation, court cases, changes in best practices, etc., you need to make sure you are working with professionals that can assist you with these complex planning and technical needs.

Cowan, Gunteski & Co., P.A. and its team of estate and trust professionals are dedicated to helping prepare and walk you through the process. We review and analyze financial information furnished to us including assets, life insurance coverage, trust agreements, existing or proposed buy/sell agreements, wills and other information. Based on our review, we'll then prepare a written analysis of your current estate plan. Our recommendations will include procedural techniques and tax-planning strategies based on our analysis of your circumstances.

Our team is highly experienced in compliance with various estate, gift and trust tax filings. As this is an ongoing process, we routinely work with your attorneys on estate, gift and trust consultation, and re-evaluate your situation every two to three years or sooner based on tax laws.